Our Work

​With the ideal of “first do no harm,” Kapoks is about inspiring communities around the world to capitalize on their indigenous knowledge and skills in order to develop sustainable and successful economies. We accomplish this through the provision of effective education and through economic development.

What do our partner communities want?

As part of our "first do no harm" ideal Kapoks spends time getting to know each potential partner community. Although stakeholders in each community have initially invited us to visit, it is important to our methodology to be certain that the community as a whole acknowledges a need and a desire for our assistance. Kapoks realizes that community inhabitants best understand the needs of their individual community. In order to gather their collective input a variety of community assessment tools are employed including community mapping, surveys, and community meetings.

Program implementation begins when we have an understanding of what each potential partner community wants and have received community-wide support for our work. At this point Kapoks has a new community partner.

What do we do?

Depending upon the results of our community assessments Kapoks offers two primary services: education and economic developement. Kapoks works with partner NGO's to address needs outside of these areas.

We believe that education at all levels is essential for individuals to grow intellectually, spiritually and professionally. If a partner community notes educational deficincies in their community then Kapoks will seek to address them directly where possible. This can take the form of teacher education, facility development, staffing assistance and  meal support. 

We believe that economic development is necessary to create thriving communities. When necessary, Kapoks provides economic development in the form of small business coaching. Kapoks trains small bsuiness coaches that live and work in partner communities. A robust and diverse small business community supports the long-term growth and viability of any community. 

At the center of all of our programs are community groups fostered and organized by Kapoks. These are groups of inspired community members committed to the development and long-term management of implemented programs. 

What happens next?

Our community partners are lifelong partners. It is as important to us, as it is to each of our partner communities, that implemented programs are sustainable and effective. Kapoks realizes that each program will succeed as long as significant community involvement and support continue to exist. Involvement and support are carefully cultured through periodic site visits, ongoing education, and integration into broad Kapoks marketing campaigns.

After programs are up and running we continue to work with community groups to manage the implemented programs and provide annual evaluation of each programs effectiveness.