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Kapoks is growing a network of supporters that acknowledges that everyone, despite background, ethnicity, education, or culture has the innate ability and desire to act on their dreams.

Our supporters believe in the power of business owners that follow their passion to create positive change in their communities. Kapoks receives support from the world community in many ways.

Support Us By:

Passing On The Word

Do you believe in the power of entrepreneurs living their passion to positively change their communities?
Pass on the word to your community and help us build a network of supporters that want to promote the entrepreneurial spirit.
Connect your friends to us as you can so that we can build a larger and stronger network of supporters that believes in the power of dreamers to change the world.


Every dollar donated to Kapoks is used to assist free and confidential business coaches with positively impacting and growing communities by making entrepreneurial dreams a possibility.

Change a dreamer’s life by helping them to make their business idea a reality. Communities around the globe are infused with potential or exisiting business owners that require only a small amount of support in order to make their business vision a thriving reality.

Your donation is their opportunity for a new and prosperous life that will impact business owners, their families, and the communities they serve.


Kapoks is seeking volunteers with business ownership experience to:

  • Serve as a third party evaluator of Kapoks projects.
  • Utilize their marketing and networking skills to organize Kapoks focused community information meetings and fundraisers.
  • Please contact us by email.