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Kapoks is committed to economic development and promotion of the entreprenuerial spirit in communities throughout North, Central and South America.

Grand Enterprise Initiative

Grand County, CO

Grand County is situated in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA. The county of approximately 12,000 people is situated next to the Continental Divide. It is an excellent location for outdoor enthusiasts seeking winter and summer sports including skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and fishing.
Grand County is a region that reflects the history of America. Inspired by early mining, lumber and fur industries the area has managed to grow due to the business owners that now cater to the outdoor enthusiasts that frequent the area. A strong entrepreneurial culture has developed in a community that has managed to retain its quaint small town atmosphere.
Granby, CO is a town in central Grand County. Granby, CO stakeholders initially contacted Kapoks because they desired to boost the already present entrepreneurial culture in the community. Granby is an example of a proactive community that believes in the potential of its townspeople to influence their own destiny.
The Grand Enterprise Initiative program developed with the assistance and guidance of the Sirolli Institute.

Lourenço, Brazil

Lourenço, Brazil is located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in the northern state of Amapá, Brazil. Lourenço is a community that has developed around the gold mining industry. Lourenço is on the fringes of modernity due to its remote location and extreme weather challenges. Transportation and communication are constant challenges as weather and limited State revenue influence local infrastructure.
Lourenço based Oro Amapá, a gold mining company, invited Kapoks to Lourenço as part of their corporate social responsibility. Oro Amapá realizes the exhaustibility of the gold that it extracts. Oro Amapá and Kapoks envision a Lourenço with a sustainable local economy, an effective educational system, and a belief in diverese opportunties for the future . Kapoks is eager to begin work in Lourenço.
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