Grand Enterprise Initiative Update

by Heath Dewey on October 31st, 2013

The Grand Enterprise Initiative is Kapoks's first program and what a success it has been! The program is located in Grand County, Colorado and serves the nearly 15,000 people that live in the county that sits amidst the Great Divide in the Colorado Rockies. The Grand Enterprise Initiative provides business coaching and networking support to anyone in Grand County that wants to start a business or already owns a business.

Check out the stats below to see what the Grand Enterprise Initative has accomplished since it began work in 2012. 

What's New?

The visual above (geistats) highlights some of the key statistics that we monitor:

Number of clients: the number of clients working towards their business dreams with

support from the Grand Enterprise Initiative.

Existing businesses assisted: the number of existing businesses working with the Grand

Enterprise Initiative. These businesses may want to expand, change their model or

otherwise modify their business workings.

New businesses assisted: the number of new businesses developed with the support of

the Grand Enterprise Initiative.

Jobs created: These are new jobs created through the support of the Grand Enterprise

Initiative. These can include jobs as a result of a newly opened business, an expanded

business, or a business that avoided closure.

Grand Enterprise Initiative October Client of the Month

Each month the Grand Enterprise Initative announces their Client of the Month. These clients are new or exisiting businesses that have worked with the Grand Enterprise Initiative business coach, Patrick Brower.


Ken and Kendra Wilkinson

“This is a great place to bring your family,” says Kendra Wilkinson, owner and cake decorator for the establishment. “Come get a meal, visit with your friends and enjoy the fun atmosphere. You can even order a cake for an upcoming event. We have soft serve and scoop ice cream, shakes, malts, banana splits, fries, hamburgers, nachos, and hot dogs,” says Kendra. Rounding out the offerings at the conveniently located establishment is a variety of snack foods, drinks and a soda fountain. Our goal has been to create a wholesome, open and friendly
environment where families and kids can hang out and enjoy something to eat while socializing", says Wilkinson. Hours will be Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wilkinson says they plan to stay open later on West Grand home game nights and for other special evening events.

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