Enterprise Facilitators Unite at the Enterprise Facilitation Fall Forum

by Heath Dewey on September 21st, 2012

Collective Impact

Enterprise Facilitators from two continents joined together last week to hone their skills at the 2012 Enterprise Facilitation Fall Forum in Atchsion, Kansas. The forum was hosted by Northeastern Kansas Enterprise Facilitation program.
The Enterprise Facilitation Fall Forum is held annually during the summer. The venue changes each year but is generally held in a central location and is hosted by a local Enterprise Facilitation program. The Forum provides an opportunity for Facilitators to learn more about their profession and gain insights into recent developments in Enterprise Facilitation through fellow Facilitators and Master Facilitators such as Linda McCowan of the Sirolli Institute. 

"This is my favorite time of year, when all the Facilitators share their experiences and their knowledge. They each have different backgrounds and styles but they all help build businesses in their communities," said Linda. 
Enterprise Facilitation programs support the development of businesses in the communities they serve. This is accomplished in two primary ways. First, an Enterprise Facilitator provides free and confidential business management coaching. Second, networking capability is enhanced through the development and utilization of a community Resource Board that commits to supporting the development of entrepreneurs by accessing personal and professional contacts. Working together, the Enterprise Facilitator and the Resource Board can dramatically impact clients' business dreams. 
Enterprise Facilitation programs from the United States, Canada and Europe turned out for the event. Facilitators were inspired and reinvigorated by the Forum skill development activities and their interactions with each other.
“Meeting and talking with other Enterprise Facilitators from across the country and around the world gave me renewed inspiration and new ideas for my work,” said Enterprise Facilitator Patrick Brower. Brower works for the Granby Enterprise Initiative, a division of Kapoks that’s supporting grass-roots economic development in the Granby, CO area by following the Enterprise Facilitation model.
The presentation by Enterprise Facilitation creator Ernesto Sirolli of the Sirolli Institute was welcome by everyone. Ernesto's lifetime of experience with Enterprise Facilitation and his particularly rousing presentation skills made him a crowd favorite. The above is his presentation from a recent TedX talk.
The 2012 Fall Forum was a strong turnout and another positive step forward for Enterprise Facilitation as a methodology that supports community and economic development. The potential for Enterprise Facilitation to impact small business growth in the United States and beyond is enormous. The collective impact of these programs continuing to interact and working together could see the expansion of Enterprise Facilitation to communities across the map.

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