Kapoks founder explores the Camino de Santiago

by Heath Dewey on August 27th, 2012

A spiritual journey and a fundraiser for Kapoks

On August 28, Kapoks founder Marise Cipriani will begin her journey on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. She will start from Saint Jean Pied de Port, in France and cross the 4,964 feet of elevation gain over the Pyrenees into Spain. Thirty-two days and 432 miles later she will arrive in Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain, on the 28th of September.

Walking the Camino is an opportunity for Marise to find a deeper spiritual meaning and to raise awareness of Kapoks and its mission. Kapoks supports the passions of entrepreneurs in communities around the world with business coaching and community development. Kapoks is a combination of three things that are very important to Marise: Compassion, empathy and the entrepreneurial spirit.
Marise has been in business most of her life, starting with helping her Father run his company from the early age of sixteen. The excitement, energy and prides she derives from running her own business is as important to her as the compassion and empathy she feels it is important for all of us to cultivate. She realizes that many friends, mentors and family members who supported and believed in her dreams assisted her business success. In Marise's words, 

"There is not an entrepreneur in the world that can succeed on their own. We all need help to be the best we can be. That is why Kapoks is so important. Think of how many people are sitting in their kitchens dreaming of a business that could prosper if they had a little help to get started."

Marise is sharing her pilgrimage on the Camino with the world on her BLOG and with Kapoks by associating a fundraiser with her journey. She sees the 432 miles as an opportunity to develop her own spirituality and compassion while also raising funds for Kapoks.
Kapoks began its first program this year in Granby, Colorado. Granby is a rural community of 1,500 people in the Colorado Rockies. The program has been in place for only seven months and has already assisted four new businesses and has many more working through stages of development. Kapoks' next program will take place in the town of Lourenço, Amapá – in Brazil. Lourenço is a poor community located in a remote area of the Amazon jungle. Funds raised during her Camino By Marise fundraiser will be used to support both programs.

Four hundred miles is a long way and the physical and spiritual transformation will be a challenge for Marise. A challenge she welcomes, "We must continue to grow spiritually, professionally, personally, or else we are not making the most of the time we were granted on this Earth." I think we all know this is true but it always helpful to be inspired by a person like Marise Cipriani that practices what she preaches.

Funds raised through Camino By Marise will support passionate, energetic entrepreneurs in the development of thriving, sustainable communities around the world. You may enjoy following Marise's progress on her BLOG. If you want to comment on her posts she would love to hear from you. Please learn more about Kapoks by visiting the website kapoks.org.

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