Supporting small business growth in the Colorado Rockies.

by Heath Dewey on August 6th, 2012

Granby Enterprise Initiative

Like many communities in the United States, Granby, CO has been impacted by a slow national economy. Despite the challenges of the current economy, Granby has a goal to be the most entrepreneurial community in the Colorado Rockies.

The Granby Enterprise Initiative is the first Enterprise Facilitation program in Colorado. Last month the Granby Enterprise Initiative celebrated its 6-month anniversary. In these six months the Granby Enterprise Initiative has already developed a solid foundation for the growth of local businesses.
The Enterprise Facilitator supports the development of new and existing businesses. As business coach, the Enterprise Facilitator, Patrick Brower, has already assisted one business owner with re-opening their business. Annie’s Angels is a local home cleaning service that now employs over 12 people and boasts 800+ clients. Brower has been introduced to over 500 people in the community and is well known as the guy to talk to if you want to start a business. When we spoke to Patrick he was honest about his development as an Enterprise Facilitator,

“It has taken some work to understand the Enterprise Facilitation methodology but I am much more comfortable now and in a great position to really support my clients. I am excited for each of my clients and their business ideas. I can see how their businesses will change their lives and benefit Granby.”
Believing in the principal that isolation is the death of the entrepreneur, the Granby Enterprise Initiative has already developed a system of support for local business owners. In addition to the Enterprise Facilitator a Resource Board is in place that consists of over 40 community members. The Resource Board uses its network of contacts to connect the Enterprise Facilitator and his business clients to resources
Once a month Patrick presents an overview of his clients and their needs to his Resource Board. He makes specific requests and lets the Resource Board brainstorm through their contacts to address the entrepreneur's needs.

What entrepreneur wouldn’t want to open a business in a community that provides that sort of support? 

Kapoks wants to congratulate the Granby Enterprise Initiative on developing a foundation for achieving their goal of "becoming the most entrepreneurial community in Colorado".

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