Granby Town Hall Meeting

by Heath Dewey on January 18th, 2012

This was not your average Town Hall meeting. Meetings normally end with an abrupt exodus from the room, each person scattering back to their respective homes. This meeting ended with lingering, chatting and a Q&A session with the founder of the Sirolli Institute, Ernesto Sirolli. The audience, composed mostly of Granby, CO townspeople, was captivated by the discussion of a unique form of economic development called Enterprise Facilitation and eager to become part of the first Enterprise Facilitation Resource Board in Colorado.

Kapoks held its first town hall meeting on Wednesday, January 18th in the community of Granby, CO with Ernesto Sirolli, the founder of the Sirolli Institute. The town hall meeting was coordinated to introduce the community of Granby to the Enterprise Facilitation process. The meeting discussed, with dynamic Ernesto Sirolli style, the Sirolli Institute’s methodology and the benefits of Enterprise Facilitation in communities like Granby.

The specific goal of the meeting was to identify a group of community members that wanted to be part of the community Resource Board. The Resource Board supports the activities of the Enterprise Facilitator. The Enterprise Facilitator is the heart of the Enterprise Facilitation economic development tool. He or she is a person that has been trained by the Sirolli Institute to provide business advice to aspiring or existing business owners. For more on the role of the Enterprise Facilitator see the website,

The Resource supports the Enterprise Facilitator by allowing him/her access to their network of friends and family. A strong network opens the Facilitator to a variety of people that may become clients and/or resources that he can use to support future clients. A Resource Board member may know an ex-financial manager that helps an entrepreneur with financial difficulties to manage his books. Another Resource Board member may know a gregarious single Mother that becomes a resource to the entrepreneur that has had difficulty marketing and selling her products. The Resource Board does not make financial requirements of its members. They are not asked to finance businesses or raise funds. Their sole role is to support the Facilitator through connections to their network.

The Facilitator benefits from the number of each Resource Board members contacts. The size of the Resource Board is therefore, important. This particular meeting had twenty-nine people in attendance of which 96% of them chose to join the Resource Board. It was an amazing response and a clear sign that the community of Granby is committed to seeing the Enterprise Facilitation program succeed.

Kapoks’ President, Marise Cipriani was the original advocate for an Enterprise Facilitation program in Granby. As the founder of Granby Ranch, a real estate development in Granby, she has a strong desire to see the community thrive. “I know this community pretty well and I believe in its capacity to grow.”

Mrs. Cipriani made a promise to the town of Granby, CO a year ago. If the town would pay the salary of an Enterprise F. acilitator then Mrs. Cipriani and Kapoks would pay for the Sirolli Institute to train an Enterprise Facilitator in Granby. In December the town of Granby approved the funds to pay the Enterprise Facilitators salary. The town Board of Trustees deserves praise for its foresight in embracing Enterprise Facilitation.

Immediately after the Board approved the funds for an Enterprise Facilitators the Sirolli Institute methodology began. The first step was the development of an Enterprise Facilitation management team. Kapoks successfully coordinated development of the management team in December. The team currently consists of Wally Baird, the town manager, Marise Cipriani, the founder of Granby Ranch, Kyle Harris, the CEO of Granby Ranch, Jynnifer Pierro, the town Mayor, and Nancy Stuart, County Commissioner. The management team is tasked with ensuring the Facilitator is hired, works within specific guidelines and has the support necessary to succeed in his/her mission.

The town hall meeting was the successful beginning to the development of a Resource Board in Granby. In two weeks all the committed individuals that joined the Resource Board will be trained by the Sirolli Institute to provide their unique service to the Enterprise Facilitator. Kapoks is excited that Enterprise Facilitation has reached the community of Granby, CO.

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