Journey on the Camino de Santiago

by Marise Cipriani on September 27th, 2012

Life and the Camino

by Marise Cipriani, Kapoks founder and President

Today is my arrival day at Santiago de Compostela. It is hard to believe that 31 days have passed. I started this journey with very high expectations, probably because of 22 years thinking about embarking on it, planning, imagining....

It has been beyond my expectations.... I loved every day of it. The easy ones, the enjoyable ones AND the challenging ones - physically and emotionally....

And every day the relationship between life and The Camino has become clearer, they are one in the same, if I choose to see so, life is just longer.

At The Camino- as in life - it is an attitude. I get up and I have a choice how to face the walk of the day. It maybe a difficult walk...a boring easy one....My attitude would actually define how that walk would be. If I would let go of expectations, any preconceived knowledge of the walk, and just be in the moment and concentrate on one step, on my was a perfect walk.
I had days that at night all my muscles hurt so much. Days that I could not imagine how I would walk the next day, but the body surprises me...and it heals and I go again. There were days that I started the walk and to think of 28/30 km ahead of me was daunting, but it was like an energy stronger than me would move me and soon the day was over and the kilometers were walked, as though with someone else’s legs.

Such is Life. More than ever I believe that there is a force, bigger than all of us, that guides us and all we have to do is listen and follow.

There were so many amazing moments during this journey, moments of being totally connected with my breath, with each step, with the lightness of each step....but as in life, it was not all the time.....I would snap out of it and think how many more kms I have, it is too hot, too cold, too windy, my blisters hurt....and then again I had a choice....and the moment I was aware I chose to feel good....or simply enjoy that moment for what it the day I really enjoyed the cold rain and the wind on my face....even though I was tired from walking more than 20 km in the rain.
And the perceived difficulties are just a big contrast for what I want, so it brings clarity. The last few days have been very intense for me. The thoughts about my life, past and future....What do I want for this next phase of my life? I know very clearly now what I want more in my life and what I don’t want in my life. It became even more clear what I love and how grateful I am for my life. I love life, I love my life.

I am blessed beyond words. I am blessed by my health, I am blessed for having the children I had, I am blessed my having my husband, the parents I had, my friends, my sisters, people that are in my work, people who work with me...

I am eager for my next next steps with my husband, my children, at Granby Ranch, and my work with Kapoks.

One of the things that became very clear for me is how much "lifting people up" elevate my spirit. With Kapoks I have this opportunity in a very deep way –- an opportunity to really recognize the intelligence and the entrepreneurial spirit within.

I am so grateful for all the support I have received from many of you—all the amazing messages and comments. The donations given to Kapoks from many of you is also heart touching...
Many of you said that were waiting to see how many kilometers or miles I walk, so you could do a donation based on that number. As of today I have walked 766.5 km (476.5 miles). Tomorrow I have 12 km to go (7.45 miles) to arrive at the Cathedral of Santiago. If you are still interested in making a donation please click here

At The Camino, we wish to each other, many times a day: Buen Camino and really mean it.

Wishing to all of you:
Buen Camino - Buena Vida!

Marise Cipriani

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